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  • Ingrid Bauer
    Jul 1 12:03 AM
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      <And is that not a hunter-gatherer relationship with the earth as opposed to
      a farmer? Which is ideal perhaps but then we must cull billions from the
      planet. >

      the division between hunter-gatherer and farmer is not as clear cut.IN hunter-gatherers societies ,the role of humans as the care takers is well understood and "cultivated".
      From the western perspective they have been seen as free takers of god creations when in fact they were activelly engaged in the creation of whole ecosytems ( that are disapearing now without the human input that created them ) . IT is now recognised that the whole of north america that have been seen as the wilderness was in fact at the time of first contact a huge garden. Most have disapeared more by lack of care than by active destruction ( that part arrived later). the result is , part of the land is hyper tended and exhausted while the rest is completelly neglected and desertified ( in diversity and total biomass).

      globally earth is becoming less fertile , so the actual "abondance " of agricultural products exist because of the exploitation of the fertility of the past and of the future , so in time it is just an outburst among a steadelly descending curve . killing our grand children so we can feed our children.

      IF hunter gatherers are in smaller numbers it is mostly because to sustain that life style one have to be mindfull of its place in the scheme of things and so give room and respect for other life forms on which their own lives depend .
      The agriculturist can pretend to afford the disapearance of life diversity, but as we will discover sooner or later , it is an illusion . Any "progress" made during history have done nothing more than postpone in time the outcome of this organised suicide. human pretend to prosper (at the expense of the other species) because of a profound denial of the interdependance of all life forms .

      the truth is, that more we produce foods and create systems to produce more , more people will be born and less diversity it will be .... seemingly endless vicious cycle ... till the wheel turn!

      there is no need to cull anybody , just realise the oneness of all life and everything will fall into place .

      permaculture as the latest device to fix a problem that has never been .?


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