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620Re: [fukuoka_farming] Mr. Fukuoka's family farm

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  • Rex Teague
    May 18 1:37 PM
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      On 17 May 02, Kyle Holzhueter wrote:

      > I was told the following: Mr. Fukuoka's family farm is no longer
      > practicing natural farming. A large modern home has been built and
      > the fields are now tilled. For these and other reasons, Mr. Fukuoka
      > rarely returns home and prefers not to have people visit the farm.
      > Last fall he was in China and as of January 2002 he was consumed with
      > collecting seed to send to Afghanistan.

      Because Fukuoka was born in 1913 I have often wondered if he is
      still actively farming. Time marches on... thank you for the update.

      Did you spot my previous query ie please 'elaborate on the
      Kawaguchi/Hasimoto method eg size of beds, types of cover crops
      and vegetables, etc.'? If you are inclined?

      To answer your original question, Fukuoka's book "The Natural Way
      of Farming" gives an adequate description of his 'method of direct
      seeding no-tillage rice-barley succession and semi-wild vegetable
      production.' Note I'm only familiar with his material that has been
      translated into english, there is much that hasn't.

      Years ago I saw a video that conveyed a reasonable snapshot of
      Fukuoka's message but I can't remember the title.

      Regards... Rex
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