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6154RE: [fukuoka_farming] Endo, Ecto and Edibles, our fungus friends.....

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  • Linda Shewan
    May 25, 2007

      I have an EM Bokashi bucket at our office - only gets filled once a month -
      6 weeks but it has done fantastic things in my garden in the spots where I
      have dug it in. I have no hard data to support my claims but the difference
      in growth between an EM cape gooseberry and a non-EM one was simply enormous
      - 4 times the growth with EM at least.

      Highly recommended! Particularly for offices - at home I use the chooks as
      scrap eaters, compost makers and turners instead. Some of our staff were
      hesitant when I said we were putting it in but all agree that it is great
      now. No smell, no mess - possibly helps that I do it all but still.

      Haven't done any edible mushrooms.

      Cheers, Linda

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      Subject: [fukuoka_farming] Endo, Ecto and Edibles, our fungus friends.....

      Hi all,

      I was wondering if anyone uses EM (effective micro-organisms), VAM
      (vascular mycorhyizal fungus) or edible mushrooms for growth
      enhancement of their garden/farm.

      I recently read Mycelium Running, it is a truely fascinating book.

      The part that most interested me was the growth enhancement of
      vegetables through the use of edible mushrooms.

      The Garden Giant and Elm Oyster both had significant growth
      enhancement. Plus the mushrooms harvested. Most fascinating was that
      fact that cole (broccoli/cabbage family) vegetables responded. From my
      reading into VAM fungus I thought that cole vegetables didn't respond
      to VAM treatment, I could be mis-remembering, though.

      Does anyone have any good data on VAM use? Does anyone know of any
      studies using edible mushrooms besides the one mentioned in Mycelium


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