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  • sathya_2020 anand
    Apr 19, 2007
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      Hi keefe,
      Its good to hear that u visited INdia.. It will also be wonderfull if you can visit indigenous people in India like Karnataka, Tamil nadu etc tribal there follw this natural method of farming with much ease as a way of life.. it would be wonderful if you can visit a place on the eastern ghats in Vellore district.. we have just started to work here with these tribals.. it is wonderful place...
      Hope you shall have good time farming and learning about it.....

      keefekeeley <keefekeeley@...> wrote:

      i just spent a month on a farm in central india doing natural farming.
      this time has convinced me that when i return to my home in the
      united states this is what i want to do. i have three months
      remaining for my travels, and so i have a few questions for anyone in
      the group:

      1) any suggestions on other farms that are worth a visit/stay in
      india? i am hoping to head down to bhaskar save's farm later on.

      2) is it feasible and worth it for me to visit japan on my way home to
      the usa and check out natural farming there?

      3) i am quite keen to learn about the spiritual/philosophical aspect
      of natural farming. i read the recent zen thread and it got me
      a-thinking. has there been any discussion of fukuoka and lao tzu?
      any suggestions or leads for places to visit, people to contact, or
      further reading?

      thanks bundles,

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