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  • Hayu Dyah
    Apr 18, 2007
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      Hello Keefe,

      have you try to go to Subhash Palekar's farming. He lives in Maharashtra. He
      wrote books of Spiritual Farming.


      On 4/19/07, keefekeeley <keefekeeley@...> wrote:
      > hello,
      > i just spent a month on a farm in central india doing natural farming.
      > this time has convinced me that when i return to my home in the
      > united states this is what i want to do. i have three months
      > remaining for my travels, and so i have a few questions for anyone in
      > the group:
      > 1) any suggestions on other farms that are worth a visit/stay in
      > india? i am hoping to head down to bhaskar save's farm later on.
      > 2) is it feasible and worth it for me to visit japan on my way home to
      > the usa and check out natural farming there?
      > 3) i am quite keen to learn about the spiritual/philosophical aspect
      > of natural farming. i read the recent zen thread and it got me
      > a-thinking. has there been any discussion of fukuoka and lao tzu?
      > any suggestions or leads for places to visit, people to contact, or
      > further reading?
      > thanks bundles,
      > keefe
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      When once passing through to the mountains, I saw rocks, some resting on
      their knees, some bending, some standing. I asked, "O hard-hearted monsters,
      what secret is there in your charm?" They answered in a silent voice, "That
      we do not assert ourselves." (Hazrat Inayat Khan)

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