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5747Re: [fukuoka_farming] 3 Database Tables Setup

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  • Niels Corfield
    Sep 11, 2006

      Where can these databases be found?


      Faith wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I've just added two tables to the database so that we can better
      > network & share information.
      > 1. Willing Mentors: A resource list of mentors who are willing to
      > advise others.
      > 2. Fukuoka Farms: People and farms following Fukuoka methods.
      > 3. Suggested Reading List: A list of related books & articles related
      > to Natural Farming.
      > Please take a look at them and add whatever you can that seems
      > appropriate. There seem to be quite a few people who are looking for
      > more support in applying Fukuoka's methods (myself included). Perhaps
      > this will help.
      > Also, I'm wondering if the moderator of this YahooGroup can remove the
      > SPAM listings from the Links section?
      > Thanks, Faith

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