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  • Jeff
    Jul 18 10:22 AM
      Hmm yes as a resourceful web browser, I have previously come across
      the book.
      Yes I do have a 50x20 area I can try this (its at my uncles lake
      property) everyone has tried to make it a garden with strawberries
      and vegetables and failed becasue of massive weed invasions.
      And Yes the pennies saved will go to something idealistic.

      However, there is concern I have
      over finding an appropriate cultivar hear in the states.
      North Dakota winters are not kind. Most winter wheats planted
      conventional style only have moderate hardiness. 20% loss is typical.

      Another question I have is the grid necessary for interplanting the
      next year's crop before the harvest is completed.
      The seems like an issue that needs good planning and design in order
      to facilitate harvisting without damaging next years crop, I"m not
      sure how this works itself out.

      > Thanks Niels (and Richard)
      > Hmmm - in fact I dedicated several years trying this method in the
      1980s. I
      > found the research, and sourced many of the old varieties which I
      have given
      > to dozens of people in the intervening years, and spent my money
      and time
      > getting it published. It's a little discouraging to find the pdf I
      made is
      > now downloadable from some other web site... hey, perhaps some of
      you guys
      > will use the saved pennies and do something idealistic and useful
      with them
      > and I should let it go.
      > What do all you practitioners think?
      > Mark Moodie
      > www.moodie.biz
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