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5709Re: [fukuoka_farming] Bonfils book

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  • Javier Dávila
    Jul 19 12:23 PM
      escuse my english.
      let´me introduce.
      have some time in read your mails in this group and troat to learn about
      fukoka farming.
      do not consider myself as practicioner of fukoka farming only learning.

      i get one land of 8 hectareas, 4 with forest where with the time expect
      intent, practic the fukoka forming, and 4 the what am working in organic
      way without registration.
      in this last divide it in 4 and in one i practice the introduction of
      clover var bersem, the wheather in Nuevo León México is dry and found that
      this clover need some water to live and in some sections that more exposed
      to air and with less fertility die, maybe if i seed them in more humid time
      could survive in that sections that dray. in other section i seed alfalfa
      and put in them some irigation (with this water the clover could survive
      sens no receive water only of the rain). in this conditions the alfalfa
      survive. Could be better if the land was fertil and in one place that not
      have any fertility not survive even with irrigation.

      both places now are better the land and see that if the land is improved in
      this way and with the time could have succes in seed any clover with few
      water now sens i have access to manure i aplly and introduce broom sorgum
      too to impove the land. in this section i use tractor that is not the way
      of fukoka farming. y only troat to share this experiences.


      Javier Homero Dávila Alvarez

      At 02:33 a.m. 19/07/2006, you wrote:
      > hello Mark
      > i am sorry to hear that you did'nt benefit for your work in writting
      > this booklet .It is the first time that i put my hand on the precise
      > working of the method after having heard about it for so many years and
      > i will have not read it if i had to pay for it .so i am rather please by
      > this opportunity now question is , am i more advanced that i read it ?
      > being a non grain eater, i din't have much incentive to try ( apart
      > that i am living in a forest) now that i have chickens and more light it
      > gave me the confidence to try it .
      > I am curious of your own experience and trials and of any learning you
      > might had about what can go wrong in the method -----
      > here ( west coast canada in the rain shadow of vancouver island and
      > olypic peninsula) , because the summers are so dry ( at least after july
      > 15th when the soil is really drying out ) i am wondering if earlier
      > sowing might be necessarry .
      > i read about successive sowing later during the summer . is it to
      > complete the holes left by unsuccessful 1rst sowing or to makes the stand
      > denser than 60 cm spacing?
      > jean-claude
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