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  • Mark Moodie
    Jul 15, 2006
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      > Do bear in mind though that the book was not written by a practitioner.
      > But do download it, it is good.
      > Do you have land to try the method?
      > Niels
      > Richard Christian wrote:
      >> You can download a pdf of Marc Moodie's booklet, 'The Harmonious
      >> Wheatsmith', which describes the Bonfils method in detail, here:

      Thanks Niels (and Richard)

      Hmmm - in fact I dedicated several years trying this method in the 1980s. I
      found the research, and sourced many of the old varieties which I have given
      to dozens of people in the intervening years, and spent my money and time
      getting it published. It's a little discouraging to find the pdf I made is
      now downloadable from some other web site... hey, perhaps some of you guys
      will use the saved pennies and do something idealistic and useful with them
      and I should let it go.

      What do all you practitioners think?

      Mark Moodie
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