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  • witchessocks
    Apr 17, 2006
      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "Anuradha Desikan Eswar"
      <eswar.rad@...> wrote:
      All concerned who wish to give advice on the making, scattering and
      care taking for the subsequent years, to help this move forward well
      enough, welcome..please do so. The trees would be most grateful!
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Warm regards
      > Radha

      dear friends,

      thanks for the great feedback-- your analyses and impressions are very
      important to me, and, i'm sure, to others on this list.

      radu, i am not a scientist, so i don't know the terms very well if
      at all, but, from an empathizing layperson's point of view, i believe
      that the fukuokian way of farming is comprehensive above all other
      factors...you are not able to take one or two aspects out of it, you
      must view it as a whole... i found this pdf file and i recognized the
      wholistic approach immediately...


      i thought it very interesting, especially the "lop and scatter"
      technique that the group used, under direction of jim bones...i can
      vouch for this, because i tried it last year. i believe this will work
      not only on bare ground, but on a lawn grass monoculture...i had some
      weed trees that i had to "lop" but i wanted to use the wood for soil
      improvement. so, i cut or broke the branches down as far as i could by
      hand (or using a small hand cutter) and scattered them around this
      lawn grass monoculture, rather thickly in some areas not so thickly in
      others. i wanted the short sticks to have maximum contact with the
      ground, which i thought, and a year of observation of this bore me
      out, would create pockets and irregularities that would be conducive
      to more diverse plant life...it would create niches and opportunities
      for differing species. this happened. the ground became much more
      moist, even juicy in spots, and when i am planting seedballs, the ball
      rolls into these little "pockets" (sometimes i remove a stick and plop
      a seedball into the depression
      > caused by the stick). if my observations serve me, trees like
      depressions and cracks, and fluffy piles of earth in which to
      germinate. so, it seems to me that if you wanted lots of trees to be
      coaxed into germinating and growing you would create those conditions
      for them...

      so, my "logic" says if the ground is bare ,you would "lop and scatter"
      in some way. this will lead to diversity in plant species. once the
      weeds, grasses and herbs are growing (introduced by seedballs in some
      cases), they will serve the same purposes as the scattered plant
      debris, such as creating many habitats, and providing just the right
      amounts of shades for protecting prospective tree seedlings... it is
      this understory that will give rise and succor to trees; as well as
      having established paths so that you are not packing the ground where
      the "incubations" areas are.

      oh, another thing...i would do a search about what happened to the
      native trees in that area. if they were eliminated for development,for
      example, then you would have a better chance of bringing them back, as
      the seeds and seedlings will not be as
      threatened as much from disease or pests as tree-loss caused by these
      .if disease or predators got them, you may have to consider a related
      species of trees with better resistance.
      > -sorry for the long winded approach, like i said it's hard to
      describe things when you don't have the scientific terms or are not
      sure if what you are thinking makes sense or is even relevant! =)

      let me just say--seedballing with tree seeds cannot be done in a
      vaccumn...there should be a comprehensive, complete, wholistic
      approach to the entire habitat area...which means, attention must be
      paid to the soil, grasses, herbs, shrubs, etc. first...if the
      understory conditions are right, trees will appear of their own
      accord, or with very little coaxing! this is my opinion..

      i respect you all so much for all that you are doing for re-greening.

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