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5590Furthermore please here the grains & drugs issue emerging from medicine into the public media.

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  • kyuusohi@yahoo.co.jp
    Apr 1, 2006
      Here is a brief article from Acres U.S.A., so called "sustainable agriculture" newspaper that comes out monthly.

      Acres USA January 2004


      The Opioid Effect

      More than 300 million people worldwide are now considered clinically obese. Some 2.5 million die each year as a result of being overweight. In the wake of these data comes word that many fast food products are addictive. Apparently the products of food giants often trigger reactions in the brain which lead to overeating.

      According to a science report circulating in inner circles, Nestle and Unilever have been investigating chocolate foods, burgers and snacks as authors of binge eating, thereby fueling obesity.

      "We have created a biochemical monster," is a quote insiders tell each other, albeit not the press. As with cigarette makers, the fast food people know they have been quite successful in luring consumers into the addiction trap. Overeating is triggered by opioids, chemicals which produce a desire to eat without the sated feeling of food intake that usually tones down appetite.

      The opioid effect is enhanced by foods high in carbohydrates, thus the buns with high sugar content for fast food hamburgers.

      This food-obesity connection has caught the attention of the lawyers who succeeded in tagging tobacco firms for adding addictive substances to cigarettes.


      [below is what i wrote at the time that i prepared this]

      Also in this January 2004 issue of Acres USA, I must clarify that I take this publication very much with a grain of salt, is "Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World" by Andre Leu, pages 18 - 20, worth reading only for encouragement alone, especially when interpreted according to Fukuoka-san's evidence of further enhanced food & nutrition production by his Natural Farming.

      And see Fukuoka_farming back links start at:


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