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  • Yuva Senthil Kumar. Ramalingam
    Mar 27, 2006
      Do you thing it's fault of US or other country or by the people of the former countries, yes it's consumers fault we have make consumers aware of all these and automatically producers can change their views.

      this is IT era and we have to utilize to communicate allover the world and make a consumer movement to find the solution. The is also unsustainable and so i emphasize this. Any natural force of universe and nature and the human caused environmental defects will put an end to IT.

      A consumer movement is the need of the hour.

      R.yuva senthil kumar .Student HorticultureTNAU, India

      torskel87 <torskel87@...> wrote: Hi everyone
      I think that organic farming is not in anyway a solution for the
      present ecological and human problems, is actually just a way to
      produce more money. Big organic farms use a lot of oil based energy
      and organic matter from other places, so in wich way is it
      sustainable???, the only way that an agricultural method can be
      sustainable, and can be called natural it´s doing nothing and leting
      nature to do the work. When harvest is done in the garden, after
      working a lot and using a lot of intellect, people get pride by its
      size and shape, but that sensation of being proud is just because
      thinking that who produced that its the self, but when instead is
      naturally grown and is harvested, inmediatly we can feel an
      enormous joy because we undersdtand that nature is our mother, and
      she is who is giving us that gift.The real problem in the world is
      because we think that our intellect will sustain us despite the
      destruction that we are doing to nature.
      Other terrible problem is the false value that everyone give to the
      material things. These are some of the problems that are making this
      world a hell. Thats what is happening here in Ecuador; for centuries
      people lived just of their small lands growing corn, beens, squash,
      pumpkin, potaotoes, quinua, and a lot of wild vegetables and fruits;
      but with the arrival of technologies 30 years ago to "improve"
      agriculture all the native species of grains, vegetables and fruits
      dissapear, as the ancient methods to grow them .Now the situation is
      worst ,we are close to play with fire because the goverment wants to
      make a kind of comercial interchange of products and services with
      the US, so now it will be free the use of GMO´s seeds, now the poor
      peasents will be slaves of big chemical companies. Bioterrorism will
      be aproved because all the traditional knoledge about using the
      medicinal herbs and biodiversity will be robbed of the native people
      with the owner rights and intellectual property.Our society will be
      polarized, a few wealthy, and a lot of poor people.The worst thing
      is that nobody knows what is gonna happen with this trade; Peru and
      Colombia already sign this trade. All this monopolization created by
      the Us is because their natural resources as water, oil, clean air,
      biodiversity are dissapearing, so for not falling down they need new
      places to destroy.How are the small peasants gonna compete with
      their few products against products that the US export with subcides
      as weat, corn, rice, soybeans. There has been like two weeks of
      strikes against the sign of this trade, but the people who is
      manifesting might not achieve anything, allways the ambition and the
      power win over the dreams of the people of a equal and better
      I am just writing this so all of the people of the group who are in
      the US know whats going on, and whats doing the goverment, we might
      not be able to do anything, maybe the only thing its to live a
      simple and natural life while the world it´s wildly running towards



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