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5568Re: [fukuoka_farming] ORGANIC FARMING

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  • Armando Pasquali
    Mar 27, 2006
      > rajutitus lal <rajuktitus@...> wrote:
      > is an organic future really sustainable ?
      > Many people think organic farming will produce food that is healthier better
      > for the environment than that produced with non organic methods.

      I live in Italy and organic farming is usually presented by newspapers and
      Tv programs as a good method for health and environment, but very expensive,
      that is for rich people, and scarcely productive, that it not suitable for
      developing countries.

      So all are content, organic growers and chemical and mechanical industries.

      The problem arise if anyone will to support organic farming as a universal
      method, for all poeple and countries.

      In this case, insults are the usual reaction by all media and opinion

      Every technological transformation produces winners and losers.

      But chemical and mechanical industries don't want to lose.

      Armando Pasquali

      Armando Pasquali

      Sesto San Giovanni


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