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  • Andrew E Fister
    Mar 26, 2006
      Absolutely correct Gloria "The danger is not the US" at least not 'all'
      Americans are the problem. The problem, as I see it, is the so-called
      spreading of democracy, free trade, global economics, etc. The American
      Way and the 'majority' of its population as it stands today, does support
      and drive all of this. Some directly, but mostly it is the standard
      American value system, culture and lifestyle, that keeps all this heading
      in the unnatural direction. The problem is within and the leaders and
      citizens in other countries who are lured into it are not doing their
      citizens any favors, to put it mildly.

      How does this relate to this FF list? Natural farming is based on
      recognizing and following Natural Law. What we call modern developed
      countries like the U.S., most of the E.U and other "global economies" are
      blatantly in violation of Natural Law. If you look at what a society
      eats, you will know what they value.

      On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 06:58:31 -0000 "Gloria C. Baikauskas"
      <gcb49@...> writes:
      The danger is not the US....it is the corporations that have so many
      nations in their pockets due to bribes and incentives. Monsanto's
      GMO crops are not being accepted in Europe, nor most of Asia. It is
      corruption at the highest levels of government in both the US, and
      your country that has caused this.

      I mean, gee.....Monsanto has applied in the US...and more than 20
      other countries for the patent on pigs....as if they invented them.

      The world is fighting a war it may not be aware is being fought. It
      is one in which the end goal is profit...not health....nor survival.
      Daily we see reports of nightmares caused by the GMO crops. Did you
      see the recent one discussing the DNA mutations in mice/rats, as well
      as piglets from eating soy that was genetically mutated with RoundUP
      spliced into it? The real alarm is that each time the scientists
      checked the DNA in the same subjects it was continuing to mutate
      again and again. There is some data now in in human infants with
      brain seizures from it. Who knows how far it will reach.....

      Even in the US we fight the GMO battle as best we can. Big money has
      more power than we do singly...but if your countrymen continue
      fighting/demonstrating...maybe it will win against the big money
      pockets of Monsanto and others.

      I must admit I was not aware of this. It horrifies me. Worse it
      saddens me to be included in your fury/anguish because I am a US

      I hope you win this fight.



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