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  • debi novice
    Mar 25 5:43 PM
      Your danger warnings are not lost on many of us.
      Especially in this particular group.

      I cannot speak for everyone, obviously, but I do live
      in the United States, and am concerned on a few levels
      with what you speak of.

      "Organic", in the U.S. now, is a joke. The government
      took control of the label in the late 1990's, and
      there is no root value in that designation since that
      time. You are correct, when you speak of large
      agri-corps taking over the organic realm here. I am
      one of those having to fight the good fight, with
      every possibility of nasty consequences. I still
      believe there is a way for those of our bent to speak-
      well and with appropriate power- if we maintain
      diligence, integrity, and the good "minuteman"

      However, I must ask, why are you taking it for granted
      we U.S. citizens are settling for the status quo? Have
      you ignored the rest of our activities? Why would you
      assume that those who need the enlightenment of your
      post would be here, on FF? I'd think we are here
      because we already have a clue. Considering the US
      folk on this group live here in the states, and are
      absolutely going against the wishes of our government,
      perhaps we more of a clue of our reality than you, who
      prosletize from elsewhere.

      Are you willing to support us working on the inside,
      trying to make a difference? Would you rather just
      complain about us from a distance and put us all in
      the same nursery plot with broad, simplistic,
      characterizations and accusations? I'd like to think
      many of us Stateside folk have a brain cell or two
      left, and are already working- hard, if not always
      publicly- to get the best practices viable. We know
      more about the evil crap going on, because the gov
      swallowed us first, then moved on to trade agreements.

      We've lost children, land, homes, livelihoods. i'm
      almost glad our country's abuses are finally becoming
      known outside our borders. But: For you to claim us
      ignorant, speaks less of you. Get your facts,
      referents, history, and accusations straight, please.

      You make many assumptions in your post, only a couple
      do I feel are from your heart, rather than from a
      propaganda base. Please, if you want to toss
      accusations around: source, backup, and give
      independent, reliable referents.

      Are you truly, really, ready to own the full substance
      of your words? Please, I hope so. But only if you do
      understand the weight of your post. Us folk in the
      states have to live the reality you allude to. deb

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      > 1. danger
      > From: "torskel87" <torskel87@...>
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      > Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 23:28:50 -0000
      > From: "torskel87" <torskel87@...>
      > Subject: danger
      > Hi everyone
      > I think that organic farming is not in anyway a
      > solution for the
      > present ecological and human problems, is actually
      > just a way to
      > produce more money. Big organic farms use a lot of
      > oil based energy
      > and organic matter from other places, so in wich way
      > is it
      > sustainable???, the only way that an agricultural
      > method can be
      > sustainable, and can be called natural it´s doing
      > nothing and leting
      > nature to do the work. When harvest is done in the
      > garden, after
      > working a lot and using a lot of intellect, people
      > get pride by its
      > size and shape, but that sensation of being proud is
      > just because
      > thinking that who produced that its the self, but
      > when instead is
      > naturally grown and is harvested, inmediatly we can
      > feel an
      > enormous joy because we undersdtand that nature is
      > our mother, and
      > she is who is giving us that gift.The real problem
      > in the world is
      > because we think that our intellect will sustain us
      > despite the
      > destruction that we are doing to nature.
      > Other terrible problem is the false value that
      > everyone give to the
      > material things. These are some of the problems that
      > are making this
      > world a hell. Thats what is happening here in
      > Ecuador; for centuries
      > people lived just of their small lands growing corn,
      > beens, squash,
      > pumpkin, potaotoes, quinua, and a lot of wild
      > vegetables and fruits;
      > but with the arrival of technologies 30 years ago to
      > "improve"
      > agriculture all the native species of grains,
      > vegetables and fruits
      > dissapear, as the ancient methods to grow them .Now
      > the situation is
      > worst ,we are close to play with fire because the
      > goverment wants to
      > make a kind of comercial interchange of products and
      > services with
      > the US, so now it will be free the use of GMO´s
      > seeds, now the poor
      > peasents will be slaves of big chemical companies.
      > Bioterrorism will
      > be aproved because all the traditional knoledge
      > about using the
      > medicinal herbs and biodiversity will be robbed of
      > the native people
      > with the owner rights and intellectual property.Our
      > society will be
      > polarized, a few wealthy, and a lot of poor
      > people.The worst thing
      > is that nobody knows what is gonna happen with this
      > trade; Peru and
      > Colombia already sign this trade. All this
      > monopolization created by
      > the Us is because their natural resources as water,
      > oil, clean air,
      > biodiversity are dissapearing, so for not falling
      > down they need new
      > places to destroy.How are the small peasants gonna
      > compete with
      > their few products against products that the US
      > export with subcides
      > as weat, corn, rice, soybeans. There has been like
      > two weeks of
      > strikes against the sign of this trade, but the
      > people who is
      > manifesting might not achieve anything, allways the
      > ambition and the
      > power win over the dreams of the people of a equal
      > and better
      > society.
      > I am just writing this so all of the people of the
      > group who are in
      > the US know whats going on, and whats doing the
      > goverment, we might
      > not be able to do anything, maybe the only thing its
      > to live a
      > simple and natural life while the world it´s wildly
      > running towards
      > destruction.
      > Cheers
      > Miguel
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