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  • rorim
    Mar 25, 2006
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      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "torskel87" <torskel87@...>
      > Hi everyone
      > I think that organic farming is not in anyway a solution for the
      > present ecological and human problems, is actually just a way to
      > produce more money. Big organic farms use a lot of oil based energy
      > and organic matter from other places, so in wich way is it
      > sustainable???, >
      > Cheers
      > Miguel
      Hi group
      I mostly read and not post however I'd like to address this from my
      own perspective.
      I agree that organic in big AG is not the ideal but it is a step in a
      better direction. I personally would rather see the row croppers
      using organic methods as opposed to traditional methods involving
      synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides and fungicides. I
      would never equate it with sustainable agriculture but I do feel it
      is progress towards less reliance on chemicals. To me sustainable
      agriculture goes back to the old time farming where a family raised
      many crops, milk cow, some sheep, chickens for eggs and meat and a
      garden for vegetables. These diverse groups were able to sustain the
      farm without inputs from outside the farm making it more economical
      and healthier for the family and environment. just my observation.

      Runamuk Farm
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