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5464growing food among grasses fukuoka style

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  • Calin A. Radulescu
    Jan 30, 2006
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      this is one of those topics that comes back every once in a while.
      actually i tried once growing food among grasses with some success.
      this is what i learned from that experience :

      1- you will have to weaken the grass mat somehow. either mow it
      really low, flood it or cover it with carboard etc. for a while, but don't
      kill it though

      2- you will have more success with plants that have a strong root
      system and will put up a fight with the grass, like rye or dikon radish
      or rice ( with the right rainfall) than with corn or egplants, unless you
      want to break the grass mat for them

      3- your soil needs to be in a pretty good shape, as the grass will compete
      for nutrients with the plants that you're trying to grow.

      4- be observant, aware of what's going on. the season needs to be right
      for the plants that you're growing. the seedballs need ground contact to
      germinate , etc.

      just my 0.02$
      good luck,


      On Dec 16, 2005, at 12:03 AM, <buttahfly@...> wrote:

      > Last winter I threw out a few pounds of barley, wheat, spelt, and
      > kamut to
      > see if anything would happen. I have not seen anything come out of the
      > grasses that were already there


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