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  • redlunarmoon
    Jan 28, 2006
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      for heavy feeding crops like corn and tomatoes it is safe to use a
      higher concentration of around 15:1 for soil feeding or 20:1 for
      foliar feeding, always foliar feed in the early morning, never when
      the sun is high in the sky as it will burn the leaves

      I wouldn't worry too much about getting any on foliage that you plan
      on eating unless you are consuming lots of pharmaceutical drugs...I
      never had a problem, I drink loads of my urine and I ain't no yogi,
      it's only made me stronger


      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "ziraat@o..." <ziraat@o...> wrote:
      > Hello Kate,
      > A classic English recipe for urine is: dilute to 32 parts water to 1
      > urine. Male, female, isn't specified but the version you received sounds
      > superstitious to me, maybe sexist.
      > How to apply: you can use a watering can, or a foliar spray. In the
      > case, obviously don't apply to edible leaves/fruit directly anytime
      > before consuming the produce. Not that urine is 'bad' for you--some
      > and others have used it as a tonic (full of minerals, for example) and
      > there are many cases of people surviving by drinking urine while
      trapped in
      > snowstorms or vehicle accidents for many days.
      > Simplest method I know is: urinate right into a one-gallon watering can,
      > then add water. If you want to be true to the recipe, find out how many
      > ounces to your 'average' urination (it will be just a few ounces) by
      > a measuring cup. So if you usually expel four ounces, perfect--just fill
      > the one-gallon can to the brim, and head for the garden!
      > -Forest Shomer
      > >>>>>Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 22:26:34 -0000
      > From: "Katherine T." <BeltaineBabe@g...>
      > Subject: As an aside...
      > This is a bit embarrassing, but...
      > Can anyone tell me about using human urine as a soil ammendment?
      > I was told that only male urine can be used, that female urine will
      > harm fruit trees and plants. Is this right and can anyone tell me why?
      > I have been saving my urine but now wonder if it is a toxic substance.
      > Any knowledge on this subject?
      > Thanks,
      > a blushing,
      > kate
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