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5414Re: [fukuoka_farming] The man who farms water

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  • Thavisak Thavornrat
    Dec 28, 2005
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      Dear Mr.Cezar,
      Thank you very much for your info of the very
      interesting man in the very dry land. I am in
      Thailand, Southeast Asia and having my own land close
      to a river. We have just passed the worst flooding
      ever so I have different problem from Mr.Phiri but in
      summer here it is also very very hot. I am trying to
      study ways to grow trees in this area also and will
      plant trees, vegetable for in the form of sustainable
      agriculture. The more I read of those poeple in the
      "impoooible to do agriculture area" the more I feel
      how lazy I am in not using the good earth I have.
      Thank you again for your info.
      Thavisak Thavornrat
      Songkhla, Thailand
      southEast Asia.

      --- blimpyway <cezar@...> wrote:

      > An interesting article about natural means a man in
      > Zimbabwe uses to
      > keep his farm green and wet while the neighbour
      > lands are dry.
      > Here-s a quote:
      > =======================
      > "His farm is on the slope of a hill facing
      > north-northeast (providing
      > good sun exposure to the site, as it is in the
      > Southern Hemisphere).
      > The top of the hill is a large, exposed granite dome
      > from which storm
      > runoff once freely flowed. The average annual
      > rainfall is 570 mm (just
      > over 22 inches). However, as Mr. Phiri points out,
      > this is an average
      > based on extremes. Many years are drought years when
      > the land is lucky
      > to receive 12 inches of rain.
      > When he began, it was very difficult to grow crops
      > successfully let
      > alone make a profit, due to the frequent droughts
      > and zero equipment
      > or capital for irrigation from groundwater. He spent
      > time observing
      > what would happen when it did rain. In small
      > depressions and upslope
      > of rocks and plants, the soil moisture would linger
      > longer than in
      > areas where sheet flow went unchecked. Thus began
      > his self education
      > in rainwater harvesting-and his work. Over a period
      > of 30 years, he
      > has created a sustainable system that provides all
      > his water needs
      > from rainfall alone.
      > =======================
      > The full article is here
      > http://ag.arizona.edu/OALS/ALN/aln46/lancaster.html
      > Regards,
      > Cezar

      Thavisakt Thavornrat
      10/12 Cholcharoen Soi 1,Boryang, Muang District,Songkhla Province 90000
      Tel Mobile 06 9653769, Home 074 321195

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