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5183Re: [fukuoka_farming] A natural farmer from India

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  • Andres Rattur
    Nov 1, 2005
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      Hello, dear Raju and Shalini Titus!

      Thank you very-very much for your fantastic letter. It was my pleasure to
      read yours sentences. Only by reading them and imageing your garden I felt
      like I was right there.

      I live in Estonia, however right now I'm working in Norway. The climate here
      is temperate and that's why many people with who I have been talking about
      practicing Natural Farming have said, that yes yes its possible in Japan and
      other warm countries, for example like India, but not here in Estonia with
      its cold winters. But I'm certain that it works all over the world, even in
      Estonia. Actually there are even some persons who practicing some
      Fukuoka-san's ideas, but untill now I haven't seen such garden which would
      be similar to described in Masanobu Fukuoka's book "The Natural Farming".

      I'm very glad that all over the world there are people who have felt that
      Natural Farming is the key to success (read happiness) and that they are
      doing what their heart tells.

      I hope that here in Estonia and other northern countries, also all over the
      world, natural farming will spread and more people will understand what is
      the goal of living. Fukuoka-san is the best model for us.

      It is very nice that you Raju and Shalini and your children have understood
      the simplicity of the life. Maybe sometime you can write little more about
      your living there in your fabulous garden.

      With best whishes,
      Andres Rattur,
      Norway, Averöy!
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