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5156Re: [fukuoka_farming] bordeaux mixture

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  • Faith Arnold
    Oct 16, 2005
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      Hi Edward,

      Any time you apply a chemical that kills things you are upsetting any hope of a self-correcting natural balance. Case in point: I just read an article about how different species of beneficial fungus colonize inside the tissues of leaves of cacao trees, and that the colonized leaves were much more resistant to disease-causing fungi than leaves that did not have the good colonies. Spraying ANY fungicide will mess up all of the good fungi, and could very well cause much more damage in the future. If possible, find a solution that supports the overall health of the system... like find a beneficial organism to treat your plants with.

      Just what, exactly, are you having problems with? (plant and disease?) Maybe there is a biological solution.

      Faith Arnold

      > Wud the use of Bordeaux mixture or
      > the copper sulphate considered as use of chemicals.Wud
      > it affect in getting organic certification.I wud appreciate if someone can
      > answer this querry. thanks regards to all

      it will depend on your local certification program but in general BOrdeaux
      mixture is accepted in most organic certification program .
      I am pretty sure that masanobu fukuoka will not support the use of bordeaux
      mixture except may be at the last resort to save a crop . any artificial
      intervention have their negative feedback .in the long run it keep your land
      away from a balanced state ( where all the diseases are present but none are
      damaging .).

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