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510RE: [fukuoka_farming] Re: my introduction

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  • Rex Teague
    Mar 7, 2002
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      On 4 Mar 02, jbmc@... wrote:

      > The signature contains the following two statements:
      > - 1. "Pure Fruitarianism" is the regimen that Nature meant for
      > Mankind, the sole regimen capable of safeguarding the "integrity"
      > of Human physio-neurology.
      > - 2. To recapture this lost integrity - that is, to become
      > "whole" again and overcome the dualistic condition - a "healing"
      > regimen is required: i have coined for it the name of "Foliar
      > Vegetarianism" in order to differenciate It from conventional
      > Vegetarianism Which, in fact, is the antithetis of healing.

      That also satisfies my curiosity about another signature you use
      elsewhere and I didn't have souscayrous' gumption to ask ie:
      "Pure Fruitarianism": the regimen transmuting "libido" into "LOVE".
      Thank you for the explanation.

      For sometime I've been exploring and gradually practising the raw
      food precepts of Nature Cure/Natural Hygiene/Orthopathy. The step
      you have made linking nutrition to the 'mechanism of our minds' is
      obvious to me _now_ you have pointed it out! 8-)

      I'd really appreciate knowing more about your "tree of life" - the nuts
      'n bolts of "Foliar Vegetarianism"?

      Regards... Rex
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