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5023re: field bindweed

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  • wegrow4
    Aug 1, 2005
      Creeping jenny (convolvulus arvenios L.) is the specific bindweed I am
      dealing with. We do have another "wild morning glory" or hedge
      bindweed which oinly stays around hedges, fence rows, and I never
      encounter it in the garden. I dont think the latter likes
      cultivation, where as creeping jenny seems to multiply by careless
      control. When I pick it I take all parts away from the garden.

      These wild "morning glories" are different than real morning glory
      family (ipomoea). As pointed out by another poster, Ipomoea can be
      dealt with by controlling the seeds and does not tolerate root

      Re; carpet mulch - I have used old carpet for canada thistle. It did
      good weed control but the carpet did start to break down leaving
      material on the ground after it was picked up. I wonder what kind of
      compounds are left behind. I no longer want the stuff in my house,
      let alone my garden.
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