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492RE: [fukuoka_farming] Re: my introduction

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  • jbmc@attglobal.net
    Mar 3, 2002
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      At 09:39 PM 2/26/02 +0100, Mr. Souscayrous wrote;

      >"Foliar Vegetarianism": "the" pathway back to "Pure Fruitarianism"

      >Could you give us an insight into your signature I've cut and pasted
      >above, I'm not sure I understand.

      * * * * * * *

      The signature You are referring to, Mr. Souscayrous,
      synthesizes my 24-year-long journey in Dietetic Reform to the ob-
      jective of healing myself of the neurological dysfunction called
      "Dualism", whose presence prevents us from a true, spontaneous,
      effortless and everlasting reconcilation with Nature.

      The signature contains the following two statements:

      - 1. "Pure Fruitarianism" is the regimen that Nature meant for
      Mankind, the sole regimen capable of safeguarding the "inte-
      grity" of Human physio-neurology.

      - 2. To recapture this lost integrity - that is, to become "who-
      le" again and overcome the dualistic condition - a "healing"
      regimen is required: i have coined for it the name of "Foliar
      Vegetarianism" in order to differenciate It from conventional
      Vegetarianism Which, in fact, is the antithetis of healing.

      Returning to Nature, reconciling ourselves with Her,
      reuniting ourselves with God, - far from being the philosophical
      and religious intellectual abstractions they are - are, on the con-
      trary, concrete biochemical conditions and physio-neurological pro-
      cesses which take place in the reality of the flesh-and-blood of
      our Organisms.

      Mind's philosophy and Spirit's religion have clamo-
      rously failed to rescue Man from the abyss of His millenary degene-
      ration, and they shall continue to fail forever, simply because
      His problematique lies in the physicality of His Organism, in the
      interplay It has with the dietetic regimen It is confronted with.

      My best regards,
      jb Mirabile-caruso.

      "Foliar Vegetarianism": "the" pathway back to "Pure Fruitarianism"
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