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4915couch grass and nettles

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  • alice@am464.net
    May 2, 2005
      Hi all,

      Things are progressing in my orchard plot. Beans and nasturiums
      are sprouting. There are a lot of nettles (urtica dioica) and
      masses of couch grass (agropyrum repens) which will have a go at
      strangling everything else if I don't tackle it.

      Yesterday I realised as I was working in the garden that instead
      of having an attitude of these being weeds that I had to get rid
      of, I could think of them as herbs that I was harvesting.

      So today I have a good armful of the finest nettle tips drying
      for teas and medicine and another armful of couch grass roots
      ready to cut up when they are dried. I'm hoping I will be able
      to find a herbalist or other people who want these herbs when
      they are processed.

      It took longer to harvest than just to clear, in my perception,
      but it felt like a much more positive activity. I felt like I
      was really learning from the orchard how to be a better human


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