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4908SW Montana

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  • debi novice
    Apr 25, 2005
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      I have family in the Livingston/Bozeman area, am close
      to a envornmentalist/scientist from that region and

      I feel a bit of caution is in order here; Please do
      not put fruit trees or berries in close proximity to
      your home. Don't underestimate the bear attractants,
      especially with the events and drought of the past few
      years up there. I have to get going, so can not reply
      well to you yet- sorry. But, those not in bear country
      can not know what can happen. Use some real caution,
      and *real* distance, if you plan on doing fruit,
      especially. deb

      > I live in SW Montana, Gallatin Valley, at about 5500
      > ft in a somewhat arid foothill region.
      > you might be in that place that calls for tree
      > planting to help bring more rain. how much land do
      > you
      > have to work with? tall wind breaks to the north
      > west
      > and north than some fruit trees that might take the
      > weather in your area wide planted and mixed with
      > some
      > lower growing local trees widely planted do all of
      > this from seed no transplants

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