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4834Re: [fukuoka_farming] No ploughing..

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  • les landeck
    Mar 5, 2005
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      Good to hear from you Brian,

      I'm getting on do for another soak, might get your way
      i'll try to let you know in advance if i can. You get
      down this way pop in. Broke a few rules to day in the
      old goat pen and built three small beds the pen is
      steep could be as much as a 1' drop in 6' to 10' think
      i'll check tomorrow. So i contoured them in with a hoe
      than we collected up the sprouts and replanted in the
      first bed. they are only 4' by 12' in this area took a
      good part of the day due to the compaction of the
      goats. don't like breaking the ground but the slope is
      hard to walk on and needs the leveling of the beds to
      walk without slipping this area is bare of grass i'll
      try to get some pictures tomorrow. i also need some
      semi control areas for my markets and demonstration
      planting as we did the wild areas is a big stretch for
      many in this area, so a bit of both will help them
      open up to the possibility.

      i'll look to hear from you as you get settled in,Do
      you want to talk about doing a melon patch together?
      you have the heat i may have the market place.

      Do Well, Les

      --- buttahfly@... wrote:

      > hi Les
      > Sounds exciting what you are doing. I have not had
      > a spare moment since we
      > contacted, still hoping to drop by for a
      > visit.Haven't been on the Internet
      > even for weeks. Just about to move my shop out of
      > Clearlake Oaks and to the
      > land by April 11.
      > Brian Kennedy
      >> > --- sbecc@... wrote:

      Celebrate Yahoo!'s 10th Birthday!
      Yahoo! Netrospective: 100 Moments of the Web
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