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4831Re: Potatoes okay, what about carrots?

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  • Mike Gibbons
    Mar 2, 2005
      > >> If I have a heavily mulched garden ready for carrots, how do I
      sow the
      > seeds? Surely not on top of the mulch? Under the mulch would be too
      > deep. // Any ideas?
      > - You can remove a narrow line or spots just were you want to seed them.

      If the mulch is 150mm deep and I remove it to the soil, a narrow line,
      or spot, will just fill back in. Or, more likely, since the spacing
      is quite close, the lines and spots will join each other and there
      will be only 75mm mulch between them. Am I thinking this thing through
      incorrectly? Do I only remove a little mulch and grow the carrots in
      the mulch?

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