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4826Re: [fukuoka_farming] Potatoes okay, what about carrots?

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  • les landeck
    Mar 1, 2005
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      Hi Mike,

      Last April we planted three 4' by 80 beds alternating
      every 4 paces carrots and mixed beet seed over seed a
      bit. allowing 6" between rows across the beds this
      doubled our total seed row.

      As to your question, with undisturbed soil and natural
      grasses we put down a thick layer of straw hiding the
      grass than a little composted chicken manure mix with
      rice hauls and a three to four inch layer of wood chip
      fines marked our rows, seeded, and sprinkled a very
      small amount of good compost just over the seed rows.
      pulled over 100 pounds per week for five months and
      are still harvesting for personal use might just make
      it to April. we did go way over board on the seed but
      that was OK soon as they started sizing up we were
      pulling an so thinning beets tend to swell on top of
      the mulch easy to fined the big ones carrots about the
      same best to plant a wide shouldered carrot if you
      over seed a bit they don't tend to twist up together.


      --- Mike Gibbons <mikegbbns@...> wrote:

      > Thanks to those who suggested I grow potatoes in
      > mulch to avoid
      > disturbing the earth. They seem to be coming along
      > quite nicely now.
      > The proof will be in the picking.
      > I am quite happy about transplanting seedlings into
      > a mulched garden.
      > But there are some plants that I really must grow
      > from seed. Carrots,
      > for example.
      > If I have a heavily mulched garden ready for
      > carrots, how do I sow the
      > seeds? Surely not on top of the mulch? Under the
      > mulch would be too
      > deep. After all, isn't one of the reasons for mulch
      > to stop weed
      > germination?
      > Any ideas?
      > Mike
      > Auckland

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