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  • gavvenn
    Feb 22, 2005
      Hi everyone

      Just joined the group and interested in your thoughts:

      I live in Cheshire UK, and have an opportunity to rent a field to
      grow vegetables. The field is covered with grass and some
      clover,and is certified organic and has not been cultivated for 4

      My thoughts were to divide into strips for rotation - marking out
      simply by mowing the grass and leaving the cuttings on the ground.
      Then seed with clover and a variety of vegetables distinctive to
      each strip for purposes of rotation. Between strips the grass will
      be left long.

      Has anyone tried this approach or can you give any different
      angles? I wondered about the likelyhood of the seed sprouting?
      Would it be better to scatter seed balls or propagate seperately and
      hand plant the plugs?

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