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4751Seed Pellets by the Ton

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  • Royal A. Purdy
    Feb 1, 2005

      Seed pellets should be thought of, and I promote them, as a modern
      mechanism and means of future cropping on a commercial farm scale. To
      that end and for my purposes, they require manufacture on a scale as
      measured in tons per day or by hour. Again, and ideally; it should be
      my desire to transform or persuade all (not simply garden or dairy
      pasture) farmers involved in modern commercial agriculture into
      utilizing "Natural Farming" techniques such as seed pellets.
      Given the directions of modern agriculture, I'd think it
      to do otherwise.

      Higher seeding rates may very well require one or two tons or more of
      seed pellets per acre and thus covering hundreds of acres at a time.
      As I have written about elsewhere over time, I have little doubt that
      Masanobu Fukuoka borrowed his notion of seed pellet hand fabrication
      and manufacture from the pyrotechnic (fireworks) industries
      "star" manufacturing techniques; those that his native
      country Japan
      in part is famous for; - they are the same for small quantities
      manufacture; and transfer rather quickly to rolling techniques for
      larger quantities.

      Concerning Clays: Local natural clay from regional ground soils is
      best to use. Commercial Red Clay is good too, but I use it mainly
      only as a manipulation supplement to locally obtained clays. Try your
      best. Keep making seed pellets. Before long, you will be able to take
      note of your manufacturing techniques, ingredients, ratios, and
      methods, etc. and change or otherwise manipulate those methods into
      doing what you want them (the seed pellet) to do with organic
      additives, (corn or rice starches, glutens, gelatins, etc.) and such.
      Remember less is more.

      Be safe. Sincerely

      Royal A. Purdy
      The Elysian Fields Pasture Project
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