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4694Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Maple-tapping, revisited

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  • lucia@lrw.net
    Jan 2, 2005
      > No I don't tap the tree. I just hang bottles up on the trees branches.
      > It is hard to explain, I tried to draw some picture of it in Paint:
      > http://www.hot.ee/andre66/sap.jpg

      ahhh. I understand now. great picture!

      > The sap has health benefits, but I don't know excactly what are these
      > benefits. I have heard that it is good for immunity. In Karri Varpio's
      > mail is link about birch sap produce, on that page there are writen
      > some ingredients of this sap.

      looks like an interesting enterprise, but I couldn't find anything
      concrete on the website about the health benefits. they've written a book
      but it looks like it's only in Finnish. I'll search for something in

      thanks again!

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