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4692Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Maple-tapping, revisited

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  • Andres Rattur
    Jan 2, 2005
      Lucia wrote:
      I'm not clear about this. you use the branch for a support for the bottle, but you still have to tap the tree somehow, right?

      No I don't tap the tree. I just hang bottles up on the trees branches. It is hard to explain, I tried to draw some picture of it in Paint: http://www.hot.ee/andre66/sap.jpg

      1. I cut or brake two branches, which form V (or Y).
      2. I press these two branches together, so they can go through bottle's throttle.
      3. I push branch into bottle and before pressed branches go wider, so bottle won't fall of branch.
      4. Finally the bottle hangs on trees branch and every morning I collect sap into bigger container.

      I wonder if there are any health benefits to drinking this sap, or is it just a sugar high?
      The sap has health benefits, but I don't know excactly what are these benefits. I have heard that it is good for immunity. In Karri Varpio's mail is link about birch sap produce, on that page there are writen some ingredients of this sap.

      Thanks to Karri Varpio and EinuIf about interesting information.

      ITV - Sinu lemmiksaated internetis!
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