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4689Re: Maple-tapping, revisited

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  • EinuIf
    Jan 1, 2005
      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "Andres Rattur" <Andre66@h...>
      > Mainly here in Estonia people take sap from Betula pendula and Acer
      platanoides (maple). Sap of maple is much sweeter than birch sap.
      Unfortunately there isn't no such tree with a sap containing enough
      sugar to produce syrup, like there is in Canada.

      Hello Andres, and everyone.

      Thanks for that Estonian sap-tapping lore.

      About the possibility of your making maple syrup, there, check out
      these links:

      It seems that syrup CAN BE made, and HAS BEEN made from A. platanoides
      ("Norway Maple", to English-speakers). "The concentration of sugar
      [in the sap] is considerably lower than in the sugar maples (A.
      saccharum)", but if you can taste the sweetness of your maple sap then
      making syrup from it might be more practical than you think. (Myself,
      I can scarcely taste any flavour in the raw Bigleaf Maple sap I gather
      -- but my sense of taste might not be the sharpest, as my young nephew
      seems well able to taste the the sweetness of the sap, judging by his
      keeness for it.)

      At any rate, "The sap [of A. platanoides] ... can be concentrated into
      a syrup by boiling off the water", and, "Sugar has been made from the
      sap in Norway and Sweden."

      The second link also lists some other maple species that yield sap for
      "sugar" or other products, including a Scottish maple-wine. The lore,
      therein, is from a 1930's British perspective, with according kinds of
      maple covered.

      (By the way, just to clear away any possible confusion, the second
      link also gives the wrong scientific name, A. saccharinum, for the
      Sugar Maple. The Sugar Maple is really A. saccharum, while A.
      saccharinum is really the Silver Maple, both of them native to eastern
      North America.)

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