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4516Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Human Population is NOT the Problem

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  • les landeck
    Oct 3, 2004
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      Hi wayback,

      Well said, inches count when we could be loosing our
      grip at some 54,000 miles per hour on our journey
      around the Sun on this little speck of mud. that is as
      cousin Clarence described it back around 1932, i added
      the speed to make it interesting. you would think we
      might all be paying more attention to were we are
      going and how we would like to arrive at our day of
      letting go. Not to forget our fellow passengers and
      those we cannot see that try to clean up after us.

      At fifteen miles per second mind the star dust in your

      Do Well Les

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      > --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, Adam Carter
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > On 27/07/2004, at 1:46 AM, benonthenet wrote:
      > You can teach natural farming all you like,
      > > but I think that it is delusional to believe that
      > it is going to
      > change
      > > the world when faced with the overwhelming
      > destructive forces I
      > > mentioned above.
      > the colorado river carved the grand canyon. how?
      > water can't do
      > that. but it did. what is a river. a mighty force
      > that can wash
      > away mountains but it starts as a single drop.
      > i change the world. every time i plant a seed the
      > world changes.
      > when i use recycled or organic products. i change
      > the world. when i
      > decide i need to go for a long drive, i change the
      > world. we all
      > do. all the time.
      > those overwhelming destructive forces did not start
      > out that way.
      > they started small. mere drops.
      > we must be aware of what we do at all times. we
      > must observe. we
      > must consider the world around us and be aware of
      > our effect. if
      > enough people do that, perhaps we can form a mighty
      > river to wash
      > away that overwhelming destructive force.

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