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4500Re: hello, and some thoughts about copyrights

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  • pollywog
    Sep 14, 2004
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      I am not willing to assume that Mr. Fukuoka, ( or, Fukuoka-San? I do
      not know the appropriate way to honor or speak of him; evidently I am
      not quite right in either honorific's use, and know of no others),
      would take the copyright- or copyleft- issue as such a lackadaisial

      I would prefer to hear from the person, himself, before making
      decisions on his behalf.

      The file of "One Straw", as I understand, was done without his
      permission, and I don't know how he personally feels about it- again,
      would prefer to hear from the orginal mind that produced and made
      available, the information.

      From my understanding of his feelings about the net, and according to
      my knowledge of his preferences (outdated as they may be: just
      haven't heard any differing information), I would prefer to respect
      his last known wishes. Those wishes being; "no publishing on the net".

      I know he's old, and I know he's not considered a real person anymore,
      by many. Our considerations do not have much value when juxtaposed to
      his lifetime, however. When one of us spends the time, observation,
      heart, thought, and openness to recreate his work, we may certainly
      claim any right or left we want to, to publish the record.

      Mr. Fukuoka is still alive, his last known wishes were to not have
      his works published without his direct permission: the "legal" status
      of his work notwhistanding. I would think we all owe him at least that
      honor and respect.

      We are not the ones who spent our lives and heart's energies to aquire
      the man's knowledge, and do I see a decent respect for his published
      wishes pertaining to same, here. I thought the copyleft stuff was a
      good intellectual subject to bat around, I didn't think others would
      truly, "officially" try to claim a soul and lifes's worth of
      knowledge as "theirs", to do with as they please.

      Would it be ok to stick to the appropriate (or legal, if that suits
      your vernacular better) rights of one who has done the work through
      the BS? Or, should we simply decide he has no rights to the lifetime
      of work, observation, introspection, and inherent interference/pain
      all of the above would entail?

      Would sure expect more honor and respect for the Man, until we hear


      In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "Bart Van Audenhove"
      <neocampesino@y...> wrote:
      > I found "The One-Straw Revolution" in the "Files" section of this
      > group, the whole text in PDF-format (see the menu on the left). Don't
      > know how it got there, but what a relief to find it, because it's
      > really hard to track down Fukuoka-san's books.
      > What would happen if we would scan "The Natural Way of Farming" and
      > put it here also? I'm sure Mr. Fukuoka himself wouldn't mind, but
      > maybe the copyright's in the hands of some publisher now?
      > Does anyone have contact with Mr. Fukuoka, to ask him what he thinks
      > about it?
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