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4431Re: [fukuoka_farming] to dig or not to dig

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  • Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry
    Aug 5, 2004
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      > how about in a place where there is no topsoil at all
      > ? the spot i intend to garden is in the Florida
      > Panhandle , the soil is read loam covered with a few
      > inches of sand . there are pretty big longleaf pines
      > growing naturally some smaller oak and saw palmetto,
      > not too many weeds. this may be common to other sub-
      > tropical areas where lots of heat and humidity make
      > organic matter descompose fast but it doesn't stay
      > in place as hummus. the acidity of the soil doesn't
      > help much either. what would be the better way to
      > go about this ?

      more you go toward the tropics and more the fertility of the soil is in the
      vegetation , in temperate climates fertility get stored in the soil in the
      winter .
      in the tropic you got to maintain a dense diverse vegetation on your land
      at all time .
      i have seen a natural farm in india in an aera where only cashews and
      coconuts grow on white sand with no weeds.underneath
      this farm is a luxurious multistory edible forest , an eden in the middle
      of the desert . he did used by products of the coir industry to speed up
      the process but again plants grown on the spot could produce this organic
      mater with way less effort.

      i am also growing my vegetable garden on a rock bluff with no top soil to
      start with .
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