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4425Re: double digging

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  • benonthenet
    Aug 4 8:39 AM
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      > Double digging works and it works well, regardless of what theory
      > may tell you.

      Double digging only works if you keep doing it and keep adding
      compost to the soil...and it is only practical on a small scale like
      in a garden as opposed to a large farm. If you ever stop digging and
      added compost, you'll begin to have diminishing growth capacity.
      Whereas in a natural farming situation you get an increasing growth

      That said if what you are doing is working for you, keep doing it. My
      hope is that largescale farmers will continue to recognize how their
      tilling damages soil and precipitates undesirable environmental

      Many farmers have begun to shift over to no-till because of the
      difficulty of keeping the land productive through tilling. They are
      finding that it is more cost effective to do without tilling and
      maintains fertility better. That's not theory, for them it's the
      bottom dollar. For a change, the bottom dollar is good for the

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