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4414Re: double digging

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  • benonthenet
    Aug 2, 2004
      > I've been very happy with the effects of double digging on my
      > garden beds.

      Carrie, keep in mind that the effects of double digging are
      temporary. Digging depletes the soil of minerals, organic matter and
      nitrogen over time. You'll have to give careful attention to adding
      soil nutrients back to the soil if you plan to continue digging.

      Digging once to get a bed going can be beneficial if you're working
      with compacted soil. More than that and you get locked into the cycle
      of digging to get the results you're looking for and adding back ton
      of soil nutrients. You wind up having to add back more than the
      amount of produce you harvest in order to keep up.

      That is part of the genius of natural farming. You end up creating
      more soil live and nutrients than you harvest. Thus, you "live off
      the interest" rather than eating off the capital.

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