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4413Re: double digging

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  • carrieshepard
    Aug 2, 2004

      I've been very happy with the effects of double digging on my garden
      beds. Just last year I learned of double digging from finally
      buying John Jeavon's book How to grow more... and these beds are
      easy to weed, taller than the surrounding lawn areas, and easy to
      replant with succession crops. The earthworm population has
      exploded over the past year as well. Last fall I covered as much of
      the beds as I could with either crops and polypropylene, 3 simple
      wooden cold frames (this worked so well I'm going to get more made
      for this coming winter), or leaves. I bought just one roll from
      robertmarvel.com and I'm very happy with the harvesting extension
      from using row covering. It also is working well for me on one bed
      right now to get some fall crops started from seed.

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