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4249Re: [fukuoka_farming] Natural Gardening in Long Beach

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  • Peggy James
    Jul 8, 2004
      I plant the sweet potato slips in round depressions in the ground. These
      depressions are called "hills." The hills are about the same dimension
      across as a large salad bowl, and about as deep. The idea is to catch
      water for the newly-planted slips until they are established. Once
      they're established, you don't have to water.

      You don't have to pile soil up around sweet potatoes. Sweet potato vines
      grow along the ground like ivy. They don't stand up like white potato
      vines (which do have to be earthed-up).

      No, it's not to late to plant.

      You can start slips in compost and have them in about six weeks. You can
      start them in a glass of water, too, and have some in about 10 days. Put
      the pointed end down in the water, and cut slips off as wanted.

      The slips I planted this year were started in sand on March 1 of this
      year. They came from sweet potatoes harvested on Thanksgiving day last
      year. Holding sweet potatoes from the previous year's harvest in a box
      of dry sand is a way to have slips ready to go when I want them.

      Actually, if you don't want to mess with slips and all you need is weed
      control, you can bury the sweet potatoes wherever you want and let them
      take over. It may take a week or two for slips to emerge. Make sure you
      get organic potatoes--others might have been sprayed with a sprout

      Happy Farming!

      Miss Puffman
      32N 96W

      Mary Jo Terry wrote:

      > Miss Puffman
      > Do you pile the soil up sroung the sweet potatoes like you do the new
      > potatoes? Is it too late to plant them this year?
      > Jo_Al
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