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4200Re: [fukuoka_farming] animal raising

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  • Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry
    May 31 11:31 PM
      > Very interested to read the ideas about animal raising fukuoka fashion.
      > This leads into something that interests me. I have heard that it is far
      > less efficient to get one's protein from animals as opposed to from plants
      > such as soy beans, i.e. that for the amount (nutrients, energy) you put
      > into raising animals versus plants, you get a lot more out of the plants.
      > How do we deal with this ethically, if we are trying to minimise our
      > on the land?

      those calculation are based on the assumption that animals rasied for food
      compete with humans for the same ressources . this is true only in the
      context of factory farming where grains are fed to animals ( that is stupid
      to spend so much energy to grow grain then feed them to animals )
      the truth is that herbivorous animals are not grain eater to start with ,
      they eat foliage and grasses sometimes with somes seeds with it but never
      naked grains . herbivorous animals have no instinctive regulation of their
      intake with naked grains they will eat to death ,proof that it is not their
      original food .

      even fowls are not grains eaters either , in the wild the ancestor of
      chickens are bugs and small animals eaters fisrt then greens and seed the
      last : ducks are also greens and bugs small animals eater , turkey and
      others the same .
      only pigeons are seeds eaters .
      none of the animals we are used to eat , makes a healthy meat when raised on
      grains ( it have to do especially with the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty
      acids )

      animals raised the natural way eat what humans don't eat while benefiting
      whole ecosytems .
      to give you an image i comes from the mountains of the pyrennees where not
      that much can be grown as plants due to the elevation, but the whole
      mountains is free range paradise for many domestic animals ( horses ,sheeps
      ,goats cows) they cohabite with other wild big mammals like wild boar ,
      mouflon ( wild sheep ) , and izards.( wild antelope )and they have done so
      since prehistoric time . the whole ecosytem of the alpine meadows is rich
      and diverse .

      also tending plants demand way more human energy imput for what you get as
      calory than free range animals raising .
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