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4199RE: [fukuoka_farming] animal raising

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  • Roxann
    May 31, 2004
      When I had only a single goat, she would not leave my immediate presence
      because she was afraid to go far from her "leader". When she kidded,
      the two of them would venture a little farther, but never to far away
      and now that I have a horse they would follow the horse wherever he
      goes, since he is now the leader. I think on 40 acres you could expect
      your goats to stay fairly close as long as it's just the two of them.
      Mine are also very wary of predators and won't go far for that reason.
      Soon we'll be moving to 160 acres with plenty of forage available for
      the animals and they will have more room to roam. If I planned to raise
      them for meat, I'd like to do it the way that was suggested earlier,
      with them pretty much being "supported" more than farmed. But my goats
      need to be tame enough to milk and the chickens would be massacred by
      predators overnight, and even the horse will need shelter and protection
      from predators at night.


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