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4170storms in Ok and TX

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  • carrieshepard
    May 5, 2004
      > Are you surviving all these big storms all right there? We got
      > again last night. >
      > Gloria, Texas

      Hi Gloria,

      We had lots of water and high winds, but thankfully no bad damage at
      our place. It's definitely wetter than usual, but it's now clear
      skies and dry enough that I have to water my seedlings daily again.

      We mulched my main garden heavily with grass hay I bought over the
      weekend just this morning. Peas are blooming now, tomatoes look
      nice and strong, onions are growing quickly, rhubarb looks beautiful,
      picking asparagus every other day, and it's nice and lush looking
      with all the irises blooming now. My roses are beginning to bloom
      and I'm sure would already have if the goats hadn't eaten the tops
      off them before I got their fence secured.

      I planted garlic bulbs around my fruit trees and I'm going to mulch
      them and try seeding more perennial herbs as I have the time. I
      have a packet of daikon radish seeds that I want to also plant
      around the place and see how they work in different parts of my

      I've been mulching my flower bed behind my house with the droppings
      and hay from the bunny cottage and when it's full I'll begin
      mulching my grape vines and other flower beds as well. I'd like to
      get some more geese soon for the orchard also.

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