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4149Re: [fukuoka_farming] Fukuoka Backyard Gardening

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  • susan macias
    Apr 22, 2004
      Hi Benjamin,

      I live in Long Beach also, and I'm limited to a small front yard. I'm growing garlic in my landlord's lawn, and use Dutch white clover under the roses and orange tree. Summer irrigation is a must, unless you only grow local sages. There are some local permies whose landlord allowed them to build a rainwater cistern in the backyard. I wish!

      Email me, or come by 117 1/2 Grand most mornings.

      Must go to work now.

      I live in Southern California (Long Beach) where we get
      about 12-15" of rain yearly. This little rainfall and forced me to
      begining to learn to garden differently than when I lived on east
      coast USA.

      Also, how do you apply fukuoka's technique in your backyard -
      especially when it's tiny?

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