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4126Re: Soil Regeneration and pH

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  • pollywog
    Apr 4, 2004
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      ---I know I beat this horse far too much, but I do have to say I do
      not worry about pH. The more organic material is in my soil, the most
      forgiving I find the plants and soil to be in that regard.

      This does not completely cover plants that truly need highly acidic or
      neutral soils, but then, I prefer to grow the natives, anyway. <G>

      However, I do "stand on my stand" of organic quantity being a very
      good "cushion" for differing pH soil levels.

      I took a look at a soil survey map of my area- the different types of
      soils are across the board. In checking out the soils on these few
      thousand acres I have access to, I find every kind of "pH specific"
      plant and inherent soil.

      I do my wildgardening, along with my domestic gardening, and many
      gradiations between the two. I truly have to say that my experience
      is: get the soil healthy and full of good organic matter and critters,
      you might be surprised at the range of "pH specific" plants you can
      grow just fine. deb

      In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "francois daoust"
      <francois_daoust@h...> wrote:
      > It is funny, i was just thinking about this concept these days. Like
      > says it think i have new books to read and experiment to do!
      > I wonder if transmutations could make the pH more basic. I want to
      settle in
      > a area of Nova Scotia in Canada but when i look in the soil surveys
      the soil
      > are very acidic. Horizon's soil pH is described generally as :
      > A : 3,8
      > B : 4,2
      > C : 5'0
      > I never care about soil pH but it think it was relativley neutral
      were i
      > used to garden.
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