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4121Re: Soil Regeneration and pH

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  • Gloria C. Baikauskas
    Apr 1, 2004
      Francois.......The only thing I can offer is this. From an organic
      standpoint....organic practices....which Fukuoka's methods do not
      contradict re the use of chemicals....one can grow say an azalea in
      the part of Texas that I live even though the soil is not acid
      enough. One doesn't need to amend, amend, amend to make that happen.
      Normal decomposition of plant material, etc, will make the azalea
      thrive anyway without it. Chemical gardeners here would tell you to
      totally remove the soil and replace it with peat to grow azaleas.
      Yet organic growers are able to do it without all of that.

      Also....under organic methodology climate zones are fuzzy. A bay
      laurel tree should not be able to overwinter here.....but they do
      under an organic program.

      I am rather certain that under natural farming practices the same
      would be true. I haven't tried to find the limits of the above since
      I have been using Natural farming/gardening
      methodology....but....that could change before long.

      I wouldn't let the pH of the soil in Nova Scotia deter you. It may
      take work to bring the soil to the point that it won't matter,
      though. Depends on what happened before you purchased it. It could
      take years of patience. That is what I am going through here on my
      property in Texas.

      Gloria, Texas
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