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4119RE: [fukuoka_farming] Soil Regeneration and pH

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  • francois daoust
    Apr 1, 2004
      It is funny, i was just thinking about this concept these days. Like Gloria
      says it think i have new books to read and experiment to do!

      I wonder if transmutations could make the pH more basic. I want to settle in
      a area of Nova Scotia in Canada but when i look in the soil surveys the soil
      are very acidic. Horizon's soil pH is described generally as :

      A : 3,8
      B : 4,2
      C : 5'0

      I never care about soil pH but it think it was relativley neutral were i
      used to garden.To lime seems to me very strange and unnatural. To be true i
      am a bit scared of buying a land and not to be able to harvest anything
      except evergreen buds. I remember that Massonobu Fukuoka say in his second
      book that soil pH is just one factor between others when it come to growing.
      But when i look at the vegetation around it talks . I wonder if i take a
      satellite map of this county it would show any transmutations revealed by
      the land cover?


      Fran´┐Żois D'Aoust
      Onatario, Canada

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