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4117Soil Regeneration

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  • Chris Bellanger
    Mar 31, 2004
      Hey all,

      Weeds literally regenerate the soil the grow on.
      See the book 'Weeds, Gaurdians of the soil' by Josepg Cocanuer (spelling?-
      its been 6-8 years since i read it).

      This is elaborated upon somewhat in 'Secrets of the soil' by Peter Tomkins &
      Christopher Bird.

      In his book, 'Biological Transmutations', Louis Kevran explains how most
      life forms, incl Humans, can perform miniture atomic reactions, known as
      endothermic and exothermic reactions, wherein we can transmute various
      elements into various other elements.

      Some examples are:

      Magnesium into Iron (consider the similarity of Chlorophyll & Haemoglobin)

      Silica into Calcium

      Potassium into Sodium
      and many more

      So Oak trees, for instance, growing in calcium poor soil (ie sand) will once
      well established, have a drip line periphery of calcium rich soil, as they
      literally take up all this silica (from sand) and transmute it into calcium.

      Humans do the same thing... many older herbalists speak of giving herbs like
      horsetail for calcium deficiencies, and it being very effective.

      Within the farming system devoloped by Rudolf Steiner (now called
      Biodynamics), weeds are encouraged, because they create the elements missing
      in the soil.
      So a keen observer can literally diagnose the soil by which weeds are
      growing on it.

      A good introduction to this subjects is 'weeds and what they tell' by Paul
      Pfeiffer (i think) availble from the biodynamic society.

      All the best, Chris Bellanger

      PS heres a link to a forum dedicated to the healing modality knowen as Body
      Electronics: The science of Bodily Regeneration, as developed by Dr John W.


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