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4099Bogus email, updating the website, and other stuff

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  • Larry Haftl
    Mar 26, 2004
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      Hello All,

      I just got three emails from phoney user names related to the
      fukuokafarmingol.net website. The emails had attachments that I did not
      open. If you also got them then I suggest you also NOT open those
      attachments. They could hide viruses. My web hosting service has verified
      that the emails did not originate on my server and are in no way associated
      with me or the website. Unfortuntely, I have not been able to track down the
      spammers who are doing this, but the hunt has only just begun. If you get
      ANY emails that look like they came from fukuokafarmingol.net and have
      attachments then DELETE them immediately. I am the only person who can
      legitimately send emails from that website and I NEVER broadcast emails with
      attachments and only send attachments to individuals in very specific
      circumstances with prior arrangement.

      Unrelated to that, and on a happier note, I have finished relocating to the
      Chicago area (Brookfield to be more precise), have new ISP and DSL service,
      and don't plan to do any more travelling for the next few months (visited 12
      states in the last few months as diverse as skiing at Snowmass in Colorado
      and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico at Key West, Florida). So it's time to
      update the website.

      Anyone got any ideas on how the website could be improved? I've accumulated
      the links people have mentioned in the last few months and will add them to
      the links pages, but I'd like to know if anyone has any thoughts on features
      or functions that could improve the usefulness of the website. Also, are any
      more of you willing to raise your heads and let people know who and where
      you are and what you are up to? Get a listing on the "Stars" project page?

      Somewhat related to that... I put a lot of Fukuoka farming related info on
      my personal website because I was going to use it on my bit of Oregon land,
      but I don't live in Oregon anymore and went from an acre of primo land to
      bits and pieces around three adjoining urban structures (a house and two
      2-flat apartment bldgs.). As I rethink and readjust to this new situation it
      seems logical to remove the Oregon-related stuff but some of it may be
      useful to others. Does anyone have any objections to my moving the related
      pages from my personal website to the Fukuoka website? Any suggestions or
      ideas about this? Is it worth the time to do it, or is that info too
      site-specific/egocentric to be useful to others?

      And now for something completely different yet somewhat related...

      This coming September I, and my new wife, are going to start a nautical
      circumnavigation of the Eastern United States. We'll travel by boat from
      Chicago down the Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, Cumberland and Tennessee
      rivers to the Gulf of Mexico, along the West coast of Florida to the Keys,
      up the East Coast via the Intracontinental Waterway to New York, up the
      Hudson River and Erie canal to the Great Lakes, and eventually back to
      Chicago via both US and Canadian parts of the Great Lakes. The trip should
      take a year (if we are lucky). During that time I won't be doing any
      gardening but I will stay in touch with the internet (including a
      frequently-updated log of the journey on my personal website and possibly on
      one or more magazine websites). Because we will have a lot of time to
      explore the land as we go I would LOVE to try to meet with as many of you as
      possible as we go. Also, I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open for
      interesting agricultural projects and places that are FukuokaFarming
      compatible. So if you live along or near any of those waterways and would
      like to get together or know of interesting farms/gardens that should be
      investigated please let me know. And if you'd like to swap a few
      Fukuoka-friendly fruits and veggies for a boatride that's definitely a
      possibility. And if you don't have any fruits or veggies but would like to
      go for a ride on the boat then that is OK too. Just bring good stories...

      Larry Haftl
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